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About Edwin Turton Jr.

ed-familyAs a child, the pictures in the National Geographic always fascinated me, and I would look forward to the delivery of the magazine each month. I would carry around my parents “Brownie” camera taking photos of friends and family members as well as places we visited. Then, as a teenager, I bought a used 35mm camera and started capturing my own images.

I studied photography at the Maine Photo Workshop (now the Maine Media Workshop and College) in Rockport, Maine. My instructors were very generous with their knowledge as well as their inspiration. The lessons I learned there helped me in my personal photography and taught me the skill set needed for a career as a medical photographer specializing in Retinal Ophthalmology.

While still studying in Maine, I was fortunate to be exposed to many visiting photographers, and attended many group exhibitions of photography. Looking at different images, I came upon some black and white infrared photographs. Fascinated by seeing the world differently and the contrast between black and white and color images, I was hooked and have spent many a day capturing images using a digital infrared camera.

Living in Ringwood, surrounded by the absolute beauty of the area, I often wander the trails and woods. When inspiration moves me, I take to the surrounding parks searching for the “perfect image”.